Integrated Pain Specialists at Michiana Spine

Integrated Pain Specialists at Michiana Spine

Exploring Natural Remedies For Upper Back Pain (Part 2)

upperbackpaintreatment2 2In the last post, we discussed some natural remedies for upper back pain. And while physical therapy centers provide the best pain management options, understanding how to achieve temporary pain relief goes a long way in improving day-to-day activity and overall quality of life. Here's part two of our guide that will explore some more natural upper back pain treatment options. 

You may have heard of using ginger root as a natural health remedy before, but did you know it can also help provide temporary pain relief? This is because of its anti-inflammatory properties that help the muscles relax. To properly prepare ginger for use as a natural upper back pain treatment option, simmer some ginger root slices in one quart of boiling water for about 30 minutes. Strain out the ginger and drink the remaining liquid while it's warm for maximum pain relieving effects.

Alternatively, purchase fresh ginger from your local grocery store. With a knife, carefully cut off a small piece of ginger. Place it under your lip or tongue. This root's natural pain relieving properties will kick in shortly.

Yes, that's right -- honey has many healing properties, and pain relief is believed to be one of them. To use honey for upper back pain relief, simply add about a tablespoon of raw honey to warm water or milk, stir it in thoroughly, and drink it at least once each day.

Ice/Cold Packs
This is a more conventional treatment option, and for good reason -- it's completely natural, and it works. For effective results, apply the ice or cold pack to to the direct center of the affected area. Keep it there for about 25 minutes before letting it rest, and repeat this process every half an hour for best results.

While these methods can provide temporary relief, studies have shown that physical therapy is one of the most effective long term treatment strategies. In fact, a University of Pittsburgh study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine examined older patients with pain caused by Spinal Stenosis. The researchers found that patients received the same benefits and relief whether they were treated with spinal surgery or physical therapy. Understanding how to achieve temporary pain relief can work in tandem with professional strategies to maximize your quality of life. For more information about upper back pain treatment options, contact Michiana Spine.

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